Modular Classrooms

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Why choose a Modular Classroom?

Fluctuating populations, restrictive budgets and limited time to design and build are major considerations within the education sector.

Volumetric modular classrooms buidings are increasingly recognised as the preferred solution to the environmental, speed and cost challenges of modern construction and are widely used by schools across the UK.

Simultaneously preparing the site and fitting out the modular education buildings, complete with all fixtures and fittings, significantly reduces the overall build programme. Once the site is ready the modules are delivered ready for installation and final finishing. This method of construction significantly reduces safety issues and disruption, which is important where pupils, staff and visitors continue to use the areas surrounding the modular build.

The benefits of Modular Classrooms

Modular classroom builds provide a quick and flexible solution, Inspired Building Systems high level of internal and external finishes result in an inspiring learning environment for students.

Some of the benefits of Modular Classrooms include:

 Procurement options – available for outright purchase, lease purchase, rental or operating lease

 Cost savings - our recycled modular school buildings provide a highly cost effective solution 

 Minimal disruption – the disruption to your organisation and the local area is minimal

 Reduced programme – faster than newly manufactured modules and significantly quicker than site based construction.

 Flexibility – easily expanded, reduced or even relocated

 Sustainability - learn more about the environmental features and benefits of our modular classrooms

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We are proud to be members of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC). We support the aims of CLOtC as we too believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom walls as an essential part of learning and development.