eco classroom specifications


Inspired Building Systems believe that the quality of the learning environment plays an essential role in the effectiveness of teaching and learning.  

We work with you to consider the different parameters such as natural light, sound, temperature, air quality and flexibility. Although, no two education projects are exactly the same we have developed a starting point for every Inspired Building eco classrooms specification:


Structural insulated panel system (SIPs) technology provides a fast track building solution that is well insulated, sustainable and environmentally friendly. SIPs fuses an insulated core between 2 outer skins of oriented strand board to create a super strong construction panel.

Doors & Windows

The external doors and windows are constructed from powder coated aluminium frames to provide a sleek and durable solution. The doors are fitted with a key lock externally and thumb turn internally, bi-fold doors are included when outdoor play and free-flow is required.  Our double glazed units include toughened glass with Low E technology to reduce solar gain. 


The roof covering is a polyester-reinforced single ply roofing membrane that can be either mechanically fixed or fully adhered to form a durable, water tight skin.  A green roof can be included to further reduce the environmental impact and to encourage wildlife.  The underside of the roof panel is finished with a high performance suspended ceiling, as technology has moved on we can now provide a suspended ceiling that absorbs sound whilst assisting with improving air quality. 

Heating & cooling

A high quality air source heat pump system is provided to all classrooms to ensure that both the heating and cooling is controlled to provide the optimum learning conditions. 


Low energy LED lighting provides the best alternative to natural lighting, LED is the latest in lighting technology and provides a number of key benefits within an educational setting.  Our lighting systems include motion sensors to ensure the lights are only on when required.  



Ceiling height 2No maximum ceiling height
Light and airy learning environment

Heating and coolingHeating & cooling
Heat in the winter and cooling in the summer

LED lightingLED lights in suspended ceiling
Similar to a naturally lit learning space   

In addition to the glazed areas we can provide rooflights or sun-pipes to increase natural light

sliding wallSliding doors and walls 
Divide or open up your learning spaces

Bespoke ToiletsBespoke facilities
Match your existing facilities or we can work with you to provide toilets, kitchen, wet areas or whatever is required








We are proud to be members of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC). We support the aims of CLOtC as we too believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom walls as an essential part of learning and development.