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Inspired Building Systems has a strong commitment to sustainability which is demonstrated in the design, construction and performance of our environmentally responsible eco classrooms and modular buildings.  

We have developed sustainable design expertise and a track record in the design and construction of 'A' rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) educational buildings.  Our team maximise the environmental performance by integrating the latest energy saving technologies, while striving to provide a good value, cost efficient solution that will be delivered within your budget. 

Sustainability touches every aspect of Inspired Building Systems our objective is to create attractive educational buildings that inspire excellence, minimise the impact on the environment and your 'whole life' costs.  

It is not just about delivering a Inspired Building will continue to deliver environmental and energy savings year on year.

Check out our blog to find out more details about our commitment to the environment.

Environmental - Features & Benefits

sustainability8A rated Energy Performance Certificate
The highest category of energy efficiency

sustainability4LED Lighting
The latest in lighting technology with many benefits when compared to traditional light sources, saves up to 80% power usage.  

sustainability7Natural light
Intelligent design maximises the use of natural light which reduces the use of artifical light souces.

sustainability2Heating & cooling system
Energy efficient source for heat in winter and cooling in the summer months

Insulationlnsulated structure
Highly insulated structure reduces the space heating requirement and energy consumption

sustainability6Solar panels
Solar provides clean energy which helps reduce your carbon footprint

sustainability5Rainwater recycling
Promotes water conservation and the stored water has many practical uses

sustainability3Voltage optimisation
Improved use of electricity

We are proud to be members of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC). We support the aims of CLOtC as we too believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom walls as an essential part of learning and development.