About Inspired

Eco school building

Welcome to Inspired Building Systems, we specialise in providing 'inspirational' modern method of construction buildings to meet the unique challenges of the education sector.  

We have a growing reputation for efficiently creating and delivering high quality buildings that stimulate, perform well and provide the flexibility to meet the needs for now and the future.   

Our Inspired Buildings are raising the bar with our stunning portfolio of completed projects within the education sector now leading to opportunities within the Sports and Leisure, Community and Commercial Offices sectors.


With 30 years' experience of delivering challenging and diverse modular construction projects we combine our extensive modern methods of construction knowledge with the latest in energy saving technology to deliver inspirational 21st century spaces with efficiencies in time, cost and the carbon footprint.

Our senior management have previously completed many high profile and prestigious projects whilst working for the UK's leading modular companies, at Inspired Building Systems we utilise this valuable experience to deliver bespoke projects with ease.


Inspired Building Systems has a strong commitment to protecting the environment and delivering buildings with a low carbon footprint.  

Designing sustainably, utilising sustainable materials and construction techniques are central to our activities, research has shown that sustainable buildings can promote positive responses from both users and visitors whilst reducing operational costs over the entire life cycle.


Through our client friendly turn-key service we can complete the whole process from concept through to handover, this fully integrated approach removes the complexity and delays often associated with new build projects.

We initially listen to ensure that we fully understand the requirements of our clients, we have a close team who are experienced and well versed in inspiring and guiding our clients at each stage of the project.  

Inspired Building Systems work in collaboration with our clients to create attractive and sustainable learning, working, recreational and many other environments.



We are proud to be members of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC). We support the aims of CLOtC as we too believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom walls as an essential part of learning and development.